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Free Excel Password Remover

free excel password remover In this article we will discus about free excel password remover easily. Remove Excel sheet and workbook password protection, This Excel add-in (password.xla) works fine in Excel 5.0 and above (including Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010). This program will remove passwords of any length, also passwords containing special characters.

Learn CSS Selectors – Part III

The 3rd part of learn css selectors 2. Property of selectors The property of the selectors are the sign “>”. It allows you to select the elements that are direct children of an element. For example, if you want to select all the elements h2, which are the direct descendants of the div ‘a sidebar,

How does Alexa Rank Calculate?

First of all understand: the lower the Alexa Rank – the higher the traffic to the site , that is not your PageRank and Alexa Rank, then lower the number – the site “cooler.” Next, call for help to the official website of – there we see something like this in the translation: Alexa

Learn CSS Selectors – Part II

Learn CSS Selectors Learn CSS Selectors – Follow this guide to learn the CSS Selectors 1. Attribute selectors Attribute selectors can select the target element based on its attributes. You can set the attribute to select all elements that have the attribute – regardless of HTML tags, and be more specific in the choice of

Learn CSS Selectors – Part I

Learn CSS Selectors Learn CSS Selectors – Follow this guide to learn the CSS Selectors CSS Selectors – one of the powerful tools for web designers and developers of web sites and applications (if not the most powerful). With it, we can completely transform the look of a website in just a few minutes. However,

Download High Resolution New Microsoft Logo – Source files

Download New Microsoft Logo Source File That Special Event Microsoft unveil new logo , new identity of Microsoft . The MS is about much more that logos or products. New logo shows the heritage of MS brand values, fonts and colors You can download the CDR, illustrator, png , jpg, pdf and Font Face. .

How to add Filetypes to wordpress media library

This article show you step by step guide of How to add Filetypes to wordpress media library. If you’d like to add or remove a specific filetype that can be uploaded to wordpress via the media library, you can insert this PHP code in your theme functions.php file: Here is an example of what you

1000 Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets

1000 of awesome Photoshop brush sets are from around the web. 1. Grunge Photoshop Brushes 1.1 Sidewalk Series Vol. 2 Oil Stains 10 high resolution grungy concrete stains inspired by all the cracks, stains, and spots on the sidewalk and in the street. Download Brush Set here 1.2 Sidewalk Series Vol. 1 Cracks 6 Excellent